“Brighter Days”

Revolving Mirror; Self-Reflections”

Set your spirit to embark on new chapters in life. Follow your heart and allow yourself to breathe knowing this isnā€™t the end of the road. 

Do not falter and drift into remorse tranquilized by steady memories. Journey on with memories; instill trust with others whom you carry close to your heart.

Most Importantly, reminisce knowing love is accomplished first by loving yourself.

“Transparency; Defining Moments”

Where we feel the blues, the sun shall soon shine againā€¦

Where things fester and wither away, weā€™ll capture brighter daysā€¦

Where we feel sorrow, we shall soon find joy once againā€¦

Where there is hurt, love is hidden beneath every coreā€¦

Where we reminisce with sadness from our past, may we be reminded of joys as wellā€¦

When we fall, may there be a gentle hand to bring us to our feetā€¦

When we feel we can no longer carry on, another day comes alongā€¦

Where we take leaps of faith, we are given a chanceā€¦

Where there is fear, may we journey side by side with anotherā€¦

Where we feel we have failed, may we find strength to rid our failures and rise againā€¦

Where there is a will, there is a wayā€¦

Where there is faith, we dream of possibilitiesā€¦

“Jump Start Your Day”

Marsha Beede

Copyright revised Ā©ļø 2021