When the beast comes at night; Covid-19

At times coronavirus Covid-19 can be at it’s worst at night, well into the early mornings. This would be why this coronavirus Covid-19 has earned it’s title “The Beast”.

With much uncertainty at times trying to figure out if it’s possible to know if you’d had the coronavirus prior to vaccine being available as medical professionals lingered with identifying telltale signs and symptoms; often diagnosing patients labeled as an “indicator”. Yet it’s too soon for any of us to let our guards down as the coronavirus Covid-19 has the ability to mutate into different variants. I know I had my share of doubts because this can be very confusing for many, including myself. We hear and see the stories of shear horrors of families suffering in dominoes effective; one after another. Then comes along others that test positive without knowingly carrying variants of Covid-19.

Perhaps I may have lost sight of this beast that reeks havoc because when it hits home, your loved ones, this beast Covid-19 can tranquilized fear and begin to spiral like a vortex leaving heavily guarded hearts in much distress. This virus Covid-19 doesn’t discriminate, rather it exploits and devior human souls. As it did, leaving my loved on fighting for her life on a ventilator. I saw this beast Covid-19 as it came barreling down on more loved one and ravaged in ways I hadn’t seen. I assure this beast leaves wounded scares on those untouched.

As doctors and scientists race to discover, learn as time surpasses there’s still much uncertainty. I would say health-care workers, the essential workers on the forefront reinforce the hardest task at hand caring for our love ones through recovery and sometimes to the end. I give much gratitude to all for having strength where many of us couldn’t fathom the amount of courage, dedication, integrity within; what it takes to save lives by multitude.

It baffled many healthcare works and scientists where two topics came from trials of saving many lives. Blood clotting factors and oxygen levels as some healthcare professionals spoke with patients who would go see doctors, be able to respond in complete sentences without having catch their breath.

The irony came when patients would get vitals done their oxygen  levels were low and yet a person could speak freely without in some sort of hesitation. The monstrous beast, the coronavirus linked the ability to allow a person to inhale breaths but struggle to exhale carbon dioxide from a person’s lungs which resulted in lower oxygen levels.

The virus Covid-19, given testimonials by people who have survived “the beast that comes out at night while a person rest may do more harm and ravage chaos by early morning”.

Having a oxygen/carbon dioxide reader may save lives and get your love ones to a hospital or urgent care before this coronavirus, Covid-19 reeks havoc in silence.