Ripped from the internet headlines; a recruiter tells her story.
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The public needs to know in Atlanta, Georgia

I have never posted to a blog in my entire life but having the misfortune of working for a recruitment agency for 7 months has changed this. Had I not been employed with this recruitment agency as a Staffing Manager I couldn’t have believed that there was a company as sinister.
If I can offer one piece of advice to candidates – Do not waste your time with interviewing. It is scam. As a staffing manager I had to interview a minimum of 20 candidates a week, even if there were no jobs available. Candidates are nothing but leads to recruitment agents. The purpose of the interview is not to assess good candidates; it is to extract as much information about the hiring managers and internal workings of their previous employers. I was told to bring candidates in that had worked for companies that I was targeting for no other reason than to extract information on the who their managers were and what they paid so I had more information when I called the company. I interviewed hundreds of candidates for jobs that didn’t exist.
There is one other reason we had to interview so many candidates even when there were no jobs. We had to find the one sucker who would work for nothing. It is no secret that this agency charges the highest mark up in the industry. To remain competitive we still had to bill the client a low rate. How did we do this? You guessed it – we paid our candidates next to nothing. I can’t tell you how many times I had to explain this (lie) to candidates when they realized temps from other staffing agencies were being paid several dollars more an hour for the same job. I remember several conference calls and training sessions where we were trained to knock off 10 cents from every candidate’s hourly rate. If we did this many recruitment agencies would make $9,000,000 more per year.

Please don’t take my word for this. Feel free to explore yourself. I have a feeling though that once you do you’ll be posting a blog yourself.

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