Ripped from the internet headlines; a recruiter tells her story.

FeaturedRipped from the internet headlines; a recruiter tells her story.

Ripped from the internet headlines; a recruiter tells her story.
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I have never posted to a blog in my entire life but having the misfortune of working for a recruitment agency for 7 months has changed this. Had I not been employed with this recruitment agency as a Staffing Manager I couldn’t have believed that there was a company as sinister.
If I can offer one piece of advice to candidates – Do not waste your time with interviewing. It is scam. As a staffing manager I had to interview a minimum of 20 candidates a week, even if there were no jobs available. Candidates are nothing but leads to recruitment agents. The purpose of the interview is not to assess good candidates; it is to extract as much information about the hiring managers and internal workings of their previous employers. I was told to bring candidates in that had worked for companies that I was targeting for no other reason than to extract information on the who their managers were and what they paid so I had more information when I called the company. I interviewed hundreds of candidates for jobs that didn’t exist.
There is one other reason we had to interview so many candidates even when there were no jobs. We had to find the one sucker who would work for nothing. It is no secret that this agency charges the highest mark up in the industry. To remain competitive we still had to bill the client a low rate. How did we do this? You guessed it – we paid our candidates next to nothing. I can’t tell you how many times I had to explain this (lie) to candidates when they realized temps from other staffing agencies were being paid several dollars more an hour for the same job. I remember several conference calls and training sessions where we were trained to knock off 10 cents from every candidate’s hourly rate. If we did this many recruitment agencies would make $9,000,000 more per year.

Please don’t take my word for this. Feel free to explore yourself. I have a feeling though that once you do you’ll be posting a blog yourself.

“How Far Will You Go?” Segment; Who’s lurking around your profile…?

Featured“How Far Will You Go?” Segment; Who’s lurking around your profile…?

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Brand building plays an important role in attracting the potential contract employees in any organization. The recruiters brand, values and the career progression they offer to their employees determine the quality of the employees joining the organization. Moreover, employer branding is very important in the recruitment process as it ensures an effective cultural fit, greater productivity and higher rate of retention. Therefore, shaping the employer brand of the company provides it with an edge against competition.
The industry standard definition of RPO is “Recruitment Process Outsourcing.” It is a form of “Business Process Outsourcing” (BPO) where an employer transfers all or part of its recruitment processes to an external service provider. An RPO provider can provide its own or may assume a company’s staff, technology, methodologies and reporting. In all cases, RPO differs greatly from providers such as staffing companies or contingent/retained search providers that may assume ownership of a design, management of a recruitment process by report of status results in such forms of finding compatibility of employee/recruitment contract in search and hire for clientele.

A lot of data can be collected through snapshots in software designed to do so. However it came to be, personal information had been made available through search for possible candidates. It is within these practices that mass searches gave agencies the ability to filter through data collected for potential candidates. This is referred to as Applicant Tracking System (ATS) as on various websites.
Recruitment doesn’t necessarily supply local hiring from individual self-proclaimed business recruiters portfolios but rather location of recruiters or RPO can maintain their business practices outside regional place of clientele business practices. Perhaps one receives an invite through email or a phone call from a recruiter only to find their place of region isn’t located in the same state in which you may reside but rather their clientele has a location regionally near one’s place of residence. The relativity in such practices may suggest the recruiters found you through a mass search index of SEO, ATS or Platform based web links pertaining to interest or seeking employment elsewhere.
Recruitment marketing or the pre-application phase of locating “potential contract employees” through social and mobile platforms is a strategy an organization essential needs to attract, engage, and nurture those possible candidates before they apply for the job. Recruitment marketing and contract “skill trades” analytics are crucially as important components of high-performance, potential skilled employee acquisition that help ensure better segmentation of the candidates they acquire through SEO database platforms.

“How Far Will You Go?” Insert; Are you on a potential blacklist?

Featured“How Far Will You Go?” Insert; Are you on a potential blacklist?

Recruitment agencies may outsource in a league of their own when it comes to gainful employment. At times one may find themselves calling frequently to ask if employment is available, but only to be told “no employment is available at this time.”

At least 29 states out of 50 have legal statutes forbidding blacklisting; a crime with consequence and punitive damages.

However blacklisting doesn’t necessarily pertain to recruitment employment availability but rather maybe the recruiter found something unappealing or perhaps the recruiter simply didn’t find one to be relatively adequate and placed one on a least likely to call list.

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Availabe Now On Paperback “How Far Will You Go?” Second Edition @Barnes and Noble

Availabe Now On Paperback “How Far Will You Go?” Second Edition @Barnes and Noble

“How Far Will You Go?”


Currently there are nearly 8 million people out of work. Meanwhile, the staffing and recruitment agencies have been growing faster than the overall employment rates. Current statistics indicate that unemployment may drop significantly but not as one might think. Times have changed prior to past and throughout postwar era recessions when the US Department of Commerce started tracking Gross Domestic Products (GDP) in 1930’s.These unique economic shift changes have fundamentally created a new era based on present unemployment rates and how recruitment agencies factor into future outcomes for employees.  Over the course 2015, U.S. staffing agencies hired over 15 million temporary and contract employees, up by nearly 8% from over 14 million in 2014. Overall growth is predicted to accelerate significantly; supply and demand will continue to grow for recruitment agencies for 2017, leaving a global footprint towards new charted demographics, perhaps years and decades to come.

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